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Jörg and Martina fell in love with Vanuatu the moment they set eyes on the beautiful tropical island, with white, sandy beaches and aqua waters of the South Pacific. Now residents of Vanuatu, Jörg and Martina created the Tropicana Lagoon Resort & Restaurant , CoCo Beach Resort & Restaurant and renovated Ocean View Apartments with the new Lookout Restaurant in Port Vila, on Efate Island.

Jörg and Martina want other people to find their paradise, which is the reason for this book. Revealing insider knowledge and information that only a long time resident could know, Jörg and Martina are dedicated to expanding your horizons and tweaking your interest in finding luxury, comfort and the benefits of living in a place like Vanuatu.

So, be prepared to learn something about one of the most enchanting chain of islands you’ve probably never heard of area located off the northeastern coast of Australia, the Vanuatu Islands are truly one of the most beautiful, unspoiled, and friendly group of island chains you could ever have imagined. …

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