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Coco Beach Resort

  • Where do your staff come from?
    The staff at CoCo Beach Resort have been recruited from Efate and other islands. Their kindness and genuine smiles will greet you at every turn.  At CoCo Beach Resort you will experience true Melanesian hospitality.
  • What about tipping?
    Tipping is not part of the Vanuatu culture and therefore you are not expected to tip.
  • Do the farés have air conditioning?
    The Deluxe Beachfront Farés feature air conditioning and there are ceiling fans in all other farés. The farés also feature timber louvered windows which provide a pleasant cross breeze for that lovely tropical feel.
  • How are CoCo Beach’s farés equipped and furnished?
    All farés are tastefully furnished with tropical style interiors, tropical style  bathrooms with natural coral walls, local hardwood and amongst it's features are hairdryer, unlimited high-speed internet,  laundry service, on-site parking and 24 hrs security.
  • Can I buy alcohol at CoCo Beach?
    CoCo Beach Resort has a bar where we serve a wide selection of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.
  • Where exactly is CoCo Beach located?
    CoCo Beach Resort Fare's are situated on a private white sandy beach on the picturesque Paradise cove.  CoCo Beach Resort is approximately 15 minutes by minibus or taxi from the town center and approximately 25 minutes via minibus or taxi from the International Airport. The map on our site will give you a fair idea of our exact location in relation to the town center and airport.
  • How far is CoCo Beach from the airport?
    CoCo Beach Resort is approximately 25 minutes away from the International Airport via bus or taxi
  • How can I book a Faré at CoCo Beach?
    You can make your bookings directly with CoCo Beach Resort by phone, email, via our booking portal or with your favorite travel agent. Our Contact details are: CoCo Beach Resort Paradise Cove – Pango – Efate Po Box 6005 – Port Vila – VANUATU Phone: +(678)5522200 +(678) 20222 For Bookings : +(678) 5552220 Email: bookings@stay-CoCobeach.com
  • What are the check-in/check-out times?
    The check-In time is 2pm and early Check-In is subject to availability. The Check-Out time for CoCo Beach Resort is 11am and late Check-Out is available and subject to availability
  • Are your rates per faré or per person?
    All our rates are per faré which is inclusive of 2 persons. There is a charge for roll away beds should you require them for more than 2 people per faré.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card and Amex (for Vatu payments only). Please note though that a bank charge of 4% will be added to all credit card payments.
  • Do your farés have internet access?
    Yes, unlimited hi-speed internet is available free of charge in all farés and throughout the resort.


  • What’s the weather like in Vanuatu?
    Our personal observations and those of our Ni-Vanuatu staff seem to indicate there is no real “rainy season” and “dry season” any more. Brief showers can happen all year round.  April to October are the cooler months with warm sunny days and cooler nights. Average temperatures are around 25 °C. November to January is warmer and February and March are usually the hottest months with temperatures over 30°C. Vanuatu is always a tropical paradise!
  • Is the water safe to drink?
    Vanuatu town water is generaly safe for drinking but CoCo Beach Resort has on top of that a sophisticated reverse-osmosis filter system which also energizes the water. Guests have unlimited access to this excellent glass-bottled water. Enquire at the bar!
  • What about tipping?
    Tipping is not part of the Vanuatu culture and therefore you are not expected to tip.
  • How do you get around?
    It is so easy to get around Port Vila! It takes only 15 minutes to get to town and we have a bus service available. There is also a water taxi service operating daily to and from Port Vila, all run by local operators. when in town you can catch mini buses or Taxis and as there are no set routes, just wave your hand at the side of the road. Buses will take you anywhere you want around Port Vila from 150 VT (1.50 AUD) only. Taxis have a “T” in the number plate and are even cheaper if you travel with 3 persons or more. Whether you travel by taxi or bus you can be assured that you will be dropped right at our doorstep.
  • What about shopping?
    Shops are open from Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings and some supermarkets are open throughout.  The Port Vila fruit and vegetable market closes Saturday around lunchtime and reopens on Monday morning. Alcohol is not available in shops between Sat 12 am and Monday 8 am.
  • Is Vanuatu a secure country?
    Vanuatu, in our opinion, ranks amongst one of the safest countries in the world. We are, however, still mindful of your safety and so we have a security guard patrolling the grounds from 6pm – 6am every night.
  • Are there mosquitos in Vanuatu?
    There are, unfortunately, mosquitoes always around when you're in the tropics. How many of the little buggers are around though depends much on your exact location and the time of the year. Here at CoCo Beach Resort though, we take care to eliminate all possible breeding grounds of mosquitoes and all our Fare's have insect screens covering the windows for your comfort.
  • What languages are spoken in Vanuatu?
    The national language is Bislama and there are over 110 distinct dialects in Vanuatu. English and French are widely spoken though so it’s easy to communicate with the friendly Ni-Vans.
  • Can I buy alcohol at CoCo Beach?
    CoCo Beach Resort has a bar where we serve a wide selection of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.
  • Do I need vaccines before travelling to Vanuatu?
    There are no vaccines are required before traveling to Vanuatu. Anti-malaria tablets are advisable though before visits to the outer islands. You can safely drink out the water our of the taps in Port Vila, but it may be a good idea to fill up your own bottled water which you get free of charge at the resort if you’re traveling out of Vila.  If you require urgent medical attention, you can always rely on the services of the local expatriate doctors and chemists who are trained in Australia, New Zealand, Germany or France.
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